Wednesday, 21 December 2011

The spirit of giving is strong in Leduc

Year after year, I am always surprised by the things people do for Christmas gifts. Parents go out of their way to find the specific toy of the season for their child, spouses search high and low to find that ‘perfect’ gift for their significant other. Then there are those who give more than just a gift card by donating their time or making a financial donation to a non-profit group.

Although I am not a fan of the commercialization of Christmas and the need to buy, buy, buy, I do enjoy giving people thoughtful gifts this time of year more so than receiving. I know, it sounds cheesy and has been used before, but I truly do enjoy trying to think of something unique and thoughtful for everyone on my list. Although many revert to gift cards for their loved ones (which there is nothing wrong with), I make it my mission to try to remember a random conversation I had with someone or think of something my parents might have mentioned in passing. I often found it’s the details and putting enough effort into a gift that makes for a good one.

And in recent weeks, I have noticed that many Leduc residents do exactly that. Whether it’s a local business donating time and money or volunteers giving their time during this holiday, I have noticed that Leduc area residents work really hard at making sure others have a great holiday. Businesses donating their time and profits to local organizations, free Christmas dinners for the less fortunate and people collecting toys for children in the area are just some of the examples of Leduc residents’ kindness.

I’m sure many residents are already aware of the community’s collective big heart and take pride in the spirit of giving found in the community, as they should. It’s refreshing to see. It reminds people that everyone adds to the collective generous spirit of a community and it shouldn’t be up to a couple of corporate sponsors to continue to support the local food bank or women’s shelter. It should be everyone that helps out and in my opinion, it seems Leduc overall is a pretty generous community.

Although many wish people would show their generous natures’ year-round, I think it is a good thing the Christmas spirit of giving —whether you celebrate the holiday or not— generally comes once a year. It is a reminder that there is more to life than opening presents on Christmas day and if we are willing to spend a few dollars on a gift card, why not spend the money on something we can all use: happy people this holiday season.

Happy holidays!

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