Monday, 14 November 2011

Mo reasons this month to raise money for prostate cancer

Bobby Roy

When the calendar flips over from October to November, the days get shorter, the temperatures start to plunge, Christmas commercials start popping up and things start to get a bit harrier.

A bit harrier? What does that have to do with November, you ask?

That’s what November, or what is now commonly known as Mo-vember is all about. Some men around the world sacrifice their usually clean-shaven upper lip for a hairy little buddy to promote awareness and help raise funds for prostate cancer research this month.

As the midway mark of November is now behind us, I’m sure you’ve begun to notice men sporting their own unique moustache, whether they be thick, not so thick and maybe not so physically attractive.

While these mustaches may cause some women to cringe, chuckle or smile and for some men to doubt sporting a ‘stache is really worth it, what each unique mustache represents is the most important aspect of what Mo-vember is all about.

The global movement of Mo-vember has been growing steadily since its humble beginnings in Melbourne, Australia in 2003, and adding up last year’s figures, the movement has raised $176 million for prostate cancer research.

The amount of Mo Bros and Mo Sistas, the nickname given to the men and women who sign up online, involved in the cause has exploded exponentially each year with more than one million taking part as of last year.

Last year, I decided to do my part for the cause and signed up online, created a profile, grew a mustache (attempted to anyways) and tried to fundraise for prostate cancer.

This is now the second year I’ve decided to take part in Mo-vember and, although my mustache was called “pathetic” by my editor, continues to lack in darkness and thickness, is itchy and is less than physically appealing, what it represents is worth the lack of female attention I’ve received so far (and probably will continue to until the end of this month).

I’ve never had a family member who has been affected by prostate cancer, but since it is the number one cancer that affects men, taking part in Mo-vember is a good way to help fundraise and have a little fun while doing so.

Men who are taking part in their Mo-growing efforts are walking, talking billboards for prostate cancer awareness. Don’t forget about the Mo-Sistas either, who may not be taking part in the mustache growing, but are doing their part to help raise awareness and cash for prostate cancer research.

Like any other fundraising effort for cancer research, it should be a yearly focus and not just for one month, but having the month of November dubbed, Mo-vember does provide more exposure on prostate cancer and its affect on men.

The real winners are the ones who have donated and raised awareness this month, have in the past and will continue to do so in the future. No amount of mustache can compete against those who are truly dedicated to helping raise money for prostate and other cancers.

But, if you can, donate to a Mo-Bro or Mo-Sista for the remainder of this month.

And I will continue to campaign for donations for prostate cancer even in my mustache continues to lack in every other department.

Visit to donate or for more information.

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